i4 Melbourne

Has your training and racing hit a plateau?
i4 Melbourne has become the home for many motivated athletes who join our weekly coached sessions.
We strive for higher and our coaches know how to achieve it!

Take advantage of our premier coaching services to take your performance to the next level. We deliver key sessions to improve your triathlon racing,  and have made these readily available to all Melbourne based athletes…

i4 Melbourne “Coached” Sessions:

  • MONDAY 6:00-7:15am: OPEN WATER SWIM SQUAD @ Elwood Lifesaving Club
    Triathlon skills, race tactics, strength and conditioning to improve open water swimming. Dry land strength and flexibility is a component of every swim session – Purchase a Black 10 Session Pass ($110) or $15 cash per session.
  • TUESDAY 6:00-7.15pm: WT BIKE/RUN @ Dendy Park, Brighton
    Wind Trainer (WT) bike session developing cycling strength, skill and technique. This will be a brick (bike-run) session for athletes who are racing and/or require this type of training. Athletes should bring their own bike and trainer, however, we do have a limited number of spare trainers if required – Purchase a Black 10 Session Training Pass ($110) or $15 cash per session.
  • THURSDAY 5:45-7:15am: POOL SWIM SQUAD @ Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)
    Technique, efficiency and strength based sets to improve your triathlon swimming skills and fitness. Dry land strength and flexibility training is also a component of every swim session – Purchase a Blue 10 Session Pool Pass ($165) or $20 cash per session.
    *Sessions are linked with Powerpoints Masters Swimming Club
  • THURSDAY 6:00-7:15pm: RUN SQUAD @ The Tan – Alexandra Avenue and Anderson Street
    Led by i4 coaches Mitch Kibby and Sam Mclean. Our run squad provides the ideal balance between application and conditioning. The sessions always have purpose and encourage athletes to develop technique, strength and speed. Sessions can be adjusted to meet each athletes current condition and training phase – Purchase a Black 10 Session Training Pass ($110) or $15 cash per session.
  • Powerpoints Masters Pool Squad @ Melbourne Sports and Aquatic Centre (MSAC)
    i4 Athletes have access to additional pool squad swimming through the week with the Powerpoints at MSAC, offering a total of 7 sessions per week. Visit the PP website or email contact@i4coaching.com.au to find out more.

Please note that “Blue 10 Session Pool Passes” used for pool sessions are different to “Black 10 Session Training Passes” used for bike, run and open water swims. Please purchase both Blue and Black Pass Cards online through our shopping cart or with cash on the day. Your card will be available for collection at your next i4 Melbourne session.

i4 Melbourne “Bunch” Sessions:

These non-coached sessions are free of charge and are available to athletes on Personalised Programs and/or i4 Annual Members with Triathlon Victoria.

  • TUESDAY 5:45-7:00am: BUNCH RIDE – HOT LAPS @ Albert Park Lake
    “Hot Laps” are a high quality session for strength, speed and skills development. Although coaches are generally present to run these sessions, they are not classified as a “coached session'” and are therefore free of charge. These sessions are invite only – please email mitch@i4coaching.com.au if you wish to attend.
  • SATURDAY 7:00am: BUNCH RIDE – LONG @ Soul Racer, St.Kilda
    Long rides ranging from 2hrs-6hrs across varied locations including Beach Rd, Mornington Peninsula, Dandenong Ranges and King Lake. These sessions are invite only – please email mitch@i4coaching.com.au if you wish to attend.

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