i4 Coaching strives on aligning with reputable partners who provide the best product or service in their industry.  The partners associated with i4 assist in providing support, advice, discounted product or service to assist you as an i4 athlete. If you are interested in partnering with i4 Coaching, please email

Fusion Health

Fusion® Health is Australia’s leading provider of Chinese herbal medicines and health supplements throughout Australia. Fusion® Health places emphasis on achieving and maintaining balance and harmony of the body, mind and spirit – which can help you experience the health, vitality and wellbeing you’re looking for.

As a valued partner of i4 Coaching, Fusion® Health  provide i4 athletes complimentary products, support our training camps and offer advice and support year round.

Dynamic Stability

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Dynamic Stability physiotherapy and clinical pilates studios in Richmond and Ripponlea were established in 2001 and since then has become one of Melbourne’s leaders in delivering the highest quality pilates services to its clients. Their physiotherapists, myotherapists, Chinese medicine therapists and acupuncturists work together as a team in order to provide comprehensive advice and hands-on therapies in all areas of musculoskeletal health. Whether you are recovering from injury, seeking better posture, need to improve stamina or increase bone density, our team can look after you.

As a valued partner of i4 Coaching, Dynamic Stability  provide all athletes complimentary massage pre and post races, support our athletes at our training camps, offer advice and support year round and 10% discount on all services. Contact Dynamic Stability


Firefly Recovery

Firefly is the latest in blood flow technology, medically proven to help prevent DVT and Oedema, and facilitate wellbeing for an active lifestyle.

Portable with no leads or wires and worn behind the knee, the firefly™ device delivers painless electrical impulses to gently activate the muscles of the lower leg to increase blood circulation.

It is one-size-fits-all with clinically proven sports recovery benefits, including the reduction of muscle soreness (DOMS) within 24 hours of high intensity exercise, aiding the recovery from a sprain or strain and reducing swelling following an injury.

As a valued partner of i4 Coaching,firefly™  provide i4 athletes complimentary products, support our training camps and offer advice and support year round.