i4 Melbourne WT Bike/Run Mentone

WT Bike/Run Mentone

WIND TRAINER (WT) BIKE/RUN SESSION – Tuesday 6pm-7.15pm @ Mentone Athletics
Our WT bike/run sessions are ideal for developing cycling strength, skill and technique. During the race season this session will include a brick (bike-run) focus for athletes in competition and/or for those looking to develop triathlon specific skills. Athletes are required to bring their own bike and trainers, however, we do have a limited number of spare trainers available upon request. Please email mitch@i4coaching.com.au if you require a trainer. Purchase a 10 session pass ($110) or pay $15 cash per session.

*During the summer, WT sessions may relocate to Mentone LSC or Dendy Park, Brighton depending on plans. Please  follow the i4 Melbourne Facebook group for weekly updates.