INSCYD Testing & Consultation - Run (PPD-R)

INSCYD Testing & Consultation - Run (PPD-R)

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INSCYD Testing & Consultation - Run 

Endurance sport is moving light years ahead with science and technology and now you can take your physiological passport along for the ride. The INSCYD Power Performance Decoder (PPD-R) Test provides the complete picture of your metabolic profile and highlights three key pillars of athletic performance - Vo2max, Vlamax and Anaerobic Threshold. This information combined with your metabolic capacities and substrate utilisation rates provides more accurate information than ever before. And you can do it all from home...

The INSCYD test will enhance your athletic IQ and gives you a clear strategy on training zones and techniques to achieve your performance goals. Let us take a look INSCYD and guide you to your next best performance.

Test Includes:

  • Metabolic Assessment via the INSCYD Power Performance Decoder (PPD-R)
  • Testing protocol, instructions and guidance for best results
    INSCYD report includes:
    - Vo2max - Aerobic Capacity
    - Vlamax - Glycolytic Power
    - Anaerobic Threshold (MLSS)
    - Fat combustion rates (fatmax zone)
    - Carbohydrate combustion rate (carbmax zone)
    - Specific Training Zones
  • Consultation with detailed discussion on training recommendations
  • Results, data, graphs and performance recommendations
  • Recommendations for training specific to your performance goals
  • Athletics Track or equivalent
  • GPS watch or Stryd power meter
  • Understanding of test protocol and purpose of best effort application
  • Height, weight, BMI, Body Fat % 
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